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Top 25 HOLLYWOOD movie and movie collection

Movie Name   :-    collection
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - $974,755,371
A little boy is schooled in the art of wizardry.

Fun fact: Alan Rickman was hand-picked to play Snape by J.K. Rowling, and received special instruction from her as to his character.

The Lion King - $987,483,777
A young lion cub hides from his colony after being blamed for his father's death, but triumphantly returns when he realizes it his destiny to be King.

Fun fact: The wildebeest stampede took Disney's CG department approximately three years to animate.

The Dark Knight - $1,004,558,44
A criminal mastermind known as the Joker forces Batman ever closer to crossing the line between hero and vigilante.

Fun fact: Heath Ledger designed the Joker's makeup with items from the drugstore, the makeup team then had to replicate the look daily

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - $1,017,003,568
The young Hobbit Bilbo Baggins reluctantly journeys with a group of Dwarves to reclaim their mountain home …

Matt Damon says he knew that Weinstein harassed Patrow

Hollywood star Matt Damon has revealed that he knew that media mogul Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed Gwyneth Paltrow.

The 47-year-old star had initially dismissed the reports that he knew about the disgraced producer's misconduct towards women when the scandal first broke out.
In an appearance on "Good Morning America", Damon said that he learned Weinstein had abused Paltrow from his friend Ben Affleck, who was in a relationship with her.

"I knew the story about Gwyneth from Ben because he was with her after Brad, so I knew that story. But I was working with Gwyneth with Harvey on 'Ripley'. I never talked to Gwyneth about it. Ben told me.
"I knew that they had come to whatever agreement or understanding that they had come to. She had handled it and she was the first lady of Miramax. He treated her incredibly respectfully. Always," the actor said.

Damon, however, said that Weinstein's womanising nature was known to the industry.


Birthday special: Top 5 career defining films of Ryan Reynolds

One of the most popular Hollywood celebs known for playing many iconic roles, Ryan Reynolds

has turned 41 today (October 23). He is one of the few actors in Hollywood to have essayed roles of three superheroes in different universe namely– Hannibal (Blade 3), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Deadpool (Deadpool). On the occasion of his birthday, here is a list of films that make him one of the most admired actors of his generation.

What happens when you see two Marvel universe superheroes coming together in a film? You can expect a complete dosage of power packed action. The film starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson in the lead, was well received by the critics who praised Reynolds and Jackson’s performance. The film, which was released early this year, also managed to earn big bucks at the box office. It grossed a whopping $176 million worldwide.

The film was said to be inspired by the real life experiences of Bert Kreischer, a student of Florida State University. This film mark…

Tom Hanks: 'If you're concerned about what's going on today, read history'

Washington (CNN)Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks on Saturday night urged the importance of understanding and learning from history, especially for those troubled by the current state of affairs.

"People are upset about what's going on today. They're furious, they're frustrated, they're worked up," Hanks said. "If you're concerned about what's going on today, read history and figure out what to do because it's all right there."

Hanks was honored by the National Archives Foundation with the "Records of Achievement Award" at their annual gala in Washington. The award "is the highest honor given by the National Archives Foundation to an individual whose work has fostered a broader national awareness of the history and identity of the United States through the use of original National Archives records," according to a statement from the foundation.

"No actor has covered the span of 20th-century American history as b…

Kit Harington cried after reading final Game of Thrones script

Kit Harington cried after reading the script for the final episode of Game of Thrones.

The 30-year-old actor plays Jon Snow on the hit HBO programme, and during an appearance on the U.K.'s The One Show on Friday (20Oct17), he shared that he and his castmates wept at a recent read-through.

"We had a read-through last week in fact, so I know everything now," Harington said, poking fun at his character famously being told "You know nothing", in an episode. "I cried at the end. You have to remember that eight years of it - no one really cares about it more than us."

The hit fantasy series, which also stars Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, and Emilia Clarke, will conclude at the end of season eight, which is due to premiere in either 2018 or 2019.

"It's been an institution longer than any other institution I've been in. School, drama school, anything. I get a bit weepy thinking about it. It's going to be a strange year saying goodbye to everyone a…

Film Review: Pixar’s ‘Coco’

Conceived as a vibrant celebration of Mexican culture, writer-director Lee Unkrich’s “Coco” is the 19th feature from Pixar Animation Studios and the first to seriously deal with the deficit of nonwhite characters in its films — so far limited to super-sidekick Frozone in “The Incredibles,” tagalong Russell in “Up” and Mindy Kaling’s green-skinned Disgust in “Inside Out.” It’s a point worth making from the outset, not so much for political reasons (although they matter) but to indicate how this effective yet hardly exceptional addition to the oeuvre finds at least one significant front on which to innovate, even while coloring comfortably within the lines on practically everything else.

Like Remy, the rodent hero of “Ratatouille” who dreamed of working in a French restaurant, 12-year-old Miguel Rivera (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) has just one passion in life: He wants to play the guitar. Unfortunately for him, Miguel belongs to a family of humble shoemakers where music has been forbidde…