Ittefaq Review : Ittefaq with the added twist in its plot becomes interesting to catch

Movie – Ittefaq
Star cast- Sonakshi Sinha, Sidharth Malhotra, Akshaye Khanna
Director: Abhay Chopra
Genre – Thriller
Studio- Red Chillies, Dharma Productions & BR Chopra
Rating – 3.5/5


The plot of the film is the same old story found in the classic film of 1969 with the same title having Rajesh Khanna at the center. Now, we have Akshaye Khanna playing the character of Dev who is a cop and he is investigating a double murder case, which seems to have two witnesses and interestingly they are also the two prime suspects. Both include Vikram played by Sidharth Malhotra who is a known author, while Maya who is a young house wife is played by Sonakshi Sinha. The two have their own versions of the same event that occurred that fateful night. Both the stories seem to be true, however, there can be only one truth and Dev seems to be torn in between these two versions of the story and will not settle down till the culprit is finally arrested. So, what happens the next is interesting to catch.


Though the earlier remake of all the films found in B Town have been falling flat on the ground but there seems to be a great expectation from the film as it come along with a new twist that can be interesting to catch. With good star cast and big banners involved in the film the outcome of the movie seems to be on the higher side. Also, the timing of the film seems to be interesting when B Town has not received such a thriller all the year 2017 and after a light Diwali releases a thriller at this juncture is likely to be hug by the audience. The twist in the script seems to be interesting, which can keep you glued till the last minute of the movie.

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Now, talking about the star cast, the film has an interesting one. Sidharth in the role of Vikram Sethi seems to be a good performance, he emotes well with his action and displays the best performance which are hard to find out in his earlier movies. 

On the other side, Sonakshi in a role of a young house wife too has given a decent performance. Above all Akshay Khanna seems to have done a wonderful job while playing a typically no-nonsense police officer. All of them have displayed their skill sets the best giving together an interesting performance. The other interesting aspects of the film include no songs but cool music at the background along with nice screenplay and skilled direction, which can be seen in the film. 

The other aspects too seemed okay in a way boosting up the entertainment value of the film.

Ittefaq last word

There are many things, which make the film Ittefaq interesting. Right from the star cast to the cool action and thrill along with the twist the makers have tried to implant in the film that adds the real spice, which was not seen in the classic of 1969. With this it becomes a must watch stuff for this weekend. Till then you keep checking the other reviews as well and don’t forget to comment on it.


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