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This TV show will be the most expensive series ever at $1 billion

The "Lord of The Rings" TV show will be the most expensive series in the history of small screen, with the costs expected to exceed USD 1 billion. Before the Amazon series, which was confirmed last November and has already been given a multi-season order, "The Crown" by Netflix held the numero uno position at USD 100 million.

The "LOTR" fantasy series was originally penned by JRR Tolkien, with Peter Jackson having helmed the popular film franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a USD 250 million rights deal was won by the Tolkien estate, HarperCollins and New Line Cinema against Netflix.
The contract also demands that the series must undergo production within two years. The proposed show will follow the events before the first volume, "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring."

Hinting at Jackson's probable involvement with the series, Peter Nelson, the director's lawyer, has said that he had "recently helped start a di…

Top 3 Bold Photos of Airtel Girl You Must See

We regularly see different advertisements in television but very few of them are noticeable and beautiful. There are many models who are very much popular these days among the Indian Audience. Today, we are going to see some bold and beautiful photos of a popular advertisement model.

She is Sasha Chettri. We all know this chulbuli girl very well. She is the brand ambassador of Airtel, one of the biggest telecom company. She has gained huge popularity when Airtel launched her with new 4G network 2014. Sasha is also a successful model and the whole internet is flooded with her bold photos.
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She is just 19 years old and in this small age, she has become a celebrity. She has thousands of followers on her Instagram profile. Sasha is also a musician and is working with her boyfriend "Sachin Gupta" on a music album. who is Bollywood celebrity and a popular musician.

Sasha is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. In an interview she said that she never imangined she wi…

Has DC film universe finally figured it out?

After Justice League's failure, there was a considerable shake-up at DC Films by Warner Bros. There have been a few announcements since then that augur well for the future of films based on DC Comics. We may see a resurgence of DC film universe.

When DC Extended Universe was created, Warner Bros sought Christopher Nolan’s help in building it. But Nolan refused to because of one simple reason: he abhors CGI and uses it only when absolutely necessary. And while you can make Batman films with purely practical effects, Superman and Wonder Woman have godlike powers and it would be impossible to portray them in a realistic manner without the use of computer-aided visual effects. Warners then, oddly enough, decided to fall back on Zack Snyder, whose adaptations of graphic novels 300 and Watchmen had proved polarising. The result was a stream of continuous failures.


Man of Steel, the first DCEU film, also similarly divided critics. The follow-ups Batman v Superman and Suici…

Tony Stark returns; Marvel announces relaunch of the Iron Man

Tony Stark is back and he’s ready to reclaim his armour as Iron Man. Marvel Comics has announced Tony Stark: Iron Man #1, a relaunch of the Invincible Iron Man ongoing series with writer Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti. Slott told Nerdist that his approach to the series is something between Black Mirror and Rick and Morty. Tony Stark: Iron Man sees Tony returning after some time out of commission.

While most Marvel fans are getting caught up in the excitement of Avengers: Infinity War, they’ve just dropped a major bombshell about Iron Man! That’s right people – Tony Stark is back and he’s ready to reclaim his armour as the much-loved superhero! Marvel Comics announced Tony Stark: Iron Man #1, a relaunch of the Invincible Iron Man ongoing series with writer Dan Slott, (Amazing Spider-Man) and Valerio Schiti (Guardians of the Galaxy). Speaking to Nerdist, Slott said: "He doesn’t come from a distant planet. He wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. He took his own two hands and built …