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17 Incredible Superhero Transformations That Show How Much VFX Has Improved Over The Years

Kids these days might pass out laughing if they saw how the Hulk or Iron Man looked when they first hit the screen years ago, however, their little smirks would be wiped out when they learn that there were no such things as VFX back then, and to create a superhero movie in such conditions was a Herculean task indeed.  The process of movie making has drastically and dramatically changed over the years, and superhero movies are the best example to see that beautiful journey. From crazy VFX to unbelievable CGI, movies continue to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and ingenuity and it is a marvel to witness that.  Coming back to superheroes, have you ever wondered how they have transformed from their original appearance when they made their on-screen debut to date? The world of superheroes has evolved over the years. From entertaining us, making us laugh to teaching us some life lessons, they have always made us believe in good. They have been here for a very long time, shaping o…