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Quality : Blue Ray

Size : 10parts - 370 each

Country : USA

Language : Hindi + English

rating : 6.9%

Year : 2020

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Air Force Lieutenant General Mark Naird is promoted to full four-star general and is hoping to take over as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. However, he is appointed as the first Chief of Operations of the newest United States military branch: the United States Space Force, which has branched from the Air Force, led by his enemy, General Kick Grabaston. His family, including daughter Erin and wife Maggie, are relocated to Wild Horse, Colorado so that he can work at the new base there. One year later, the Space Force is about to launch a new satellite called Epsilon 6 into orbit. The Space Force is disorganized and fledgling, Mark is constantly bombarded by obstacles and adversaries, Erin detests her new home, and Maggie is now in prison. 

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Against the advice of his advisors and scientists, including Space Force scientist Dr. Adrian Mallory, Mark orders the launch of Epsilon 6. Despite initial concerns, and in front of a delegation of prominent members of Congress, Epsilon 6 successfully reaches orbit. Later that night, as Mark and Adrian celebrate, Mark, observing Epsilon 6 through a telescope, sees a massive Chinese satellite clip the solar panels, the satellite's only power source, putting Epsilon 6 in jeopardy.

Space Force, the new Netflix comedy from The Office co-creator Greg Daniels and star Steve Carell, is a series lifted directly from another notable time the US president demanded something without the slightest notion of what that meant: a Space Force.

The show follows General Mark Naird (Carell), the newly minted chief of space operations, as he tries to make the completely harebrained notion of putting the armed forces on the moon a reality. It plays its story straight, imagining what it would look like if the military scrambled to make Trump’s half-baked governance-by-tweet a reality.

Removed from the very real consequences of his actions, there is comedy in one of the world’s largest nations having to constantly rearrange itself every time a man speaks, especially when that man seems too stupid to realize his power means that entire government agencies live or die by his word, or too stubborn to learn. But that humor comes from an understanding of power, who wields it, and who is impacted by it; sharp political satire is ruthless in making that understanding clear. (Veep is the gold standard here: a show that presented politicians doing all of the things they do in real life, but without the standard doublespeak. Its characters swore and openly admitted what they wanted, and the comedy was in the facade they presented to the public.)


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